Are you a small business in need of a PA to help with your administrative tasks but don’t want an employee?

Are you looking for help organising corporate hospitality or a one-off event and don’t have the resources?

Are you a small business and need an extra pair of hands in your shop now and then for stocktaking or simply to treat yourself to a day off?

Are you a stressed-out parent running a busy household and could simply use some help running errands while you juggle your work and home schooling?

Are you working two jobs, caring for others and just need an extra pair of hands from time to time?

Are you just a bit overwhelmed and overloaded?

Whoever you are, whatever your reasons, if you need some help then you’ve found the right person. Just tell me what you need me to do. I’ve made LISTS of the things I can do so if there’s something else that you need, and it’s not on my list then let me know and I’ll check if I can add it. I do love a list! And a gallery… I like those too!